Christmas tree toys factory

The Klavdievskaya Christmas tree decorations factory has been continuing the tradition of craftsmanship in making glass Christmas tree decorations for many decades. Founded in 1948, the factory grew from a small manufactory that processed glass for medical needs into the largest manufacturer of Christmas products in Eastern Europe. Today, Christmas tree decorations from this factory are known not only in Ukraine, but also decorate New Year trees in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, the USA, and Georgia.

The factory’s products enjoy consistently high popularity, as they are high-quality handmade, something that has always been highly valued, and the New Year’s decorations of the Claudius factory are not just beautiful products, but a symbol of a modern view of design and a guaranteed level of quality. Over the past 5 years, the factory has developed more than 800 new designs of balls and shaped toys, and believe me, only people who truly love their craft can draw such a number. Even Christmas tree decorations have their own fashion trends. And if you want to get acquainted with the latest developments in design, come on a tour of the Christmas tree decorations factory.

How are Christmas tree decorations made?

First, the Christmas ball is blown out by a glass blower. This craft must be mastered perfectly, since blowing a perfectly even ball out of a glass tube is not an easy task and requires many years of experience. Next, the balls are silvered from the inside so that when painted in the desired color they are not translucent and are bright. A small amount of a special solution is poured into a transparent ball, then it is lowered into water heated to 50 degrees, and after a few seconds the ball turns silver. Then the silver-plated balls go through the painting stage, at which they are dipped in varnish of the desired color, then they pass on a conveyor belt under infrared lamps and after a few minutes the multi-colored balls are ready. After this comes the most magical stage – painting the balls by professional artists.

All Christmas balls are hand-painted and divided into categories:
– by diameter (65 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm),
– by type of painting (with ornaments and original artistic painting),
– Christmas balls with logo.
In addition, they produce molded Christmas tree decorations. The factory museum presents Christmas tree decorations from all over the world – the achievements of the best factories in the world, ancient and modern. The highlight of the factory is the unique “Santa Hermitage” collection – an exclusive series of reproductions of the world’s best artists on glass Christmas tree balls. Paintings by Rembrandt, Roerich, Aivazovsky, Dali, Michelangelo, Kuindzhi, Shishkin, Monet and others are not a complete list of world heritage creators whose works are recreated on Christmas tree products. It took more than two years to create this collection – all the balls exist in only one copy.

Where is the Christmas tree decorations factory?

Kiev region, Klavdievo-Tarasovo town, Vatutina street, 1
067-407-57-00, 073-058-04-44, 050-442-14-41