Rock garden

Сад камней

The rock garden was created on Obolonskaya embankment in mid-2011. It was designed in the shape of a sail, which is very symbolic, since various water competitions are often held in the bay. There are 24 high basalt columns and 5 artificial ones, which are made in antique style. There are about 20 benches for …

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Ferris wheels

Колеса обозрения (чертово колесо)

Колесо обозрения в парке Партизанской Славы The Ferris wheel appeared in the park in 1982. Its height is 26.5 meters, it makes a full rotation in 5 minutes, the cabins have rain awnings and a steering wheel – it allows you to rotate the cabin around its axis and examine the surroundings from above. The …

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