Pavel Tychina Museum

Музей Павла Тычины

Apartment No. 3 on Tereshchenkovskaya Street 5 in post-war Kyiv was known among the Ukrainian intelligentsia and creative youth thanks to its owner, Pavel Grigorievich Tychyna. These 5 rooms witnessed the poet’s creative quest, poetic ups and downs for more than two decades (1944-1967). After the death of Pavel Tychyna (September 16, 1967), Lydia Petrovna … Read more

Transfiguration Cathedral

Спасо-Преображенский собор

The Transfiguration Cathedral (also known as the Transfiguration Cathedral) was built with charitable funds and designed by the architect Vadim Zhezherin. The artistic design and all the mosaics in the temple were made under the direction of Yuri Levchenko. A stone church in honor of the Transfiguration of the Lord was founded on the Feast … Read more