Sculpture “Unity”

Скульптура "Единение"

The “Unity” art object appeared in Kyiv on the Dnieper embankment in August 2019, very close to Rusanovka. This unusual sculpture, which looks best at sunset when the sun’s rays pass through it, symbolizes the feminine and masculine principles. Made of round stainless steel tubes, which are connected to each other using argon welding. Height: … Read more

Park “Troeshchina”

Парк "Троещина"

The new park “Troeshchina” was created in October 2018. Modern benches, trash cans, energy-saving LED lighting, navigation signs and an irrigation system were installed here. The area has been landscaped. Walking and cycling paths were installed in the recreation area, the lake was cleared and the shore was strengthened. Also in the park there was … Read more

Kyiv 1986

Киев-Чернобыль: разрушенный атомный реактор ЧАЭС

2 beautiful cities. And 2 such different destinies… How did they influence each other? On April 26, 1986, at 01:23:58, a series of explosions destroyed the reactor and the building of the 4th power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. According to observational data, on April 29, 1986, high background radiation was recorded in … Read more

International Exhibition Center

Международный выставочный центр

The International Exhibition Center is the largest exhibition building in Ukraine. A permanent venue for international business and exhibition events, forums, concerts, congresses, presentations and cultural and artistic shows. The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 was held here. The idea of building the complex belonged to Viktor Tkachenko, then the director of Palace of Sports. The … Read more