Olympic reserve pool

Lost Kiev was replenished with another object, which for a long time after the collapse of the USSR performed a variety of functions: a computer club, a church, a furniture store, a bazaar, an office center, a sauna… The building in the style of brutalism (modernism) was preserved only in the memory of those who saw, visited or lived nearby – there is no information in open sources about the year of construction or the architect. For the last decades, the building has belonged to the private company Podvodtruboprovod. This article accumulates all the facts and interesting points that we managed to learn about the Olympic reserve pool on Voskresenka.

The mine for divers (the official name is the diving experimental training ground) was 18 meters deep. Powerful spotlights were installed inside, the operation of which simulated daylight, and their shutdown, respectively, simulated working conditions in twilight or complete darkness. Divers trained to carry out a wide variety of underwater work (for example, temporary assembly of metal structures) in this mine, but the main one was underwater welding (semi-automatic and mechanized). Near the descent there was Dreger (diving) equipment – a portable decompression chamber and a diving pump attached to it, 3- and 12-bolt bolts (bolts) and other necessary equipment. There was a net at the bottom and in an emergency it was raised to the surface using special lifts along with everything that was there. In 1989, diving specialists in the Olympic reserve pool were the first in the world to manufacture a special simulator for tightening and unscrewing nuts under water in different positions – this technology later began to be used in the USA. The diving shaft was also used in the development of a secret duplex communication “operator-diver” – the diver worked without a helmet, wearing only a mask, and spoke directly into the water. The connection was successfully tested and put into operation.

The water in the mine was drained in 2002 after scheduled tests – it began to leak, and allowing such a volume of water to seep under the foundation was tantamount to destroying the building. Plus, after Russia lost interest in training in this complex, it became impossible to maintain such a facility at the expense of the city budget and it was sold to a private company. An additional reason for the lack of demand for the mine for divers was the fact that there is practically no underwater work in Ukraine. There is an analogue of the mine in Obolon in a building that previously belonged to OSVOD (society for water rescue), which later became the Aquarium fitness center and which is now abandoned – according to rumors, they are going to build a residential building in its place. The place of the Olympic reserve pool with a shaft for training divers will be taken by the Kurnatovsky residential complex from the developer Kievgorstroy. As of February 2021, the complex building has been completely demolished.

Where was the Olympic reserve swimming pool?

Kurnatovsky street, 20