Kitaevskaya Pustyn

Китаевская пустынь

Holy Trinity Kitaevsky Monastery (better known as Kitaevskaya Hermitage) is an Orthodox monastery in Kitaevo. The documented history of the monastery begins in 1716, and back in the 19th century Kitaevo became a popular place of pilgrimage. The most famous of the Kitaev elders were Dosifei and Theophilus. Stefan Demyanovich Kovnir in 1763-1768 built one …

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Archangel Michael’s Zverinetsky Cave Monastery

Архангело-Михайловский Зверинецкий пещерный монастырь

There are no exact and documented references to the Zverinetsky Cave Monastery. It is assumed that the settlement of the caves by monks occurred in the 11th-12th centuries during the Christianization of Kievan Rus. Some church historians believe that the Zverinetsky Monastery is the predecessor of the Vydubitsky Monastery and owes its appearance to Prince …

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Brodsky Choral Synagogue

Хоральная синагога Бродского

The synagogue was opened on August 24, 1898 on the 50th anniversary of the birth of Lazar Brodsky, a Ukrainian sugar industrialist, philanthropist and philanthropist with whose funds it was built. He also financed the construction of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv operetta, Bessarabian market, Evgeniy Paton Institute. The synagogue was built according to the …

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