Darnitsky railway-road bridge

Дарницкий железнодорожно-автомобильный мост

Construction of the Darnitsky railway bridge began in March 1868. The bridge had 11 supports and 12 spans of 89 meters each, the total length was 1068 meters. The bridge had one railway track, the supports were built using caisson technology. On February 12, 1870, during a test, a special train consisting of 6 locomotives … Read more

Park Bridge

Парковый мост

Park Bridge is a pedestrian bridge across the Dnieper, which connects the central part of Kyiv with the park area and beaches of Trukhanov Island. Built in 1956-1957 according to the design of the Ukrproektstalkonstruktsiya Institute with the participation of the Evgeniy Paton Institute of Electric Welding of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian … Read more

Glass pedestrian and bicycle bridge

Стеклянный мост в Киеве

On May 25, 2019, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge was solemnly opened in Kyiv, which connected two parks: Kreshchaty and Vladimirskaya Gorka. Below the object is magdeburg right column (monument to the baptism of Rus’), to which a beautiful staircase leads . The glass bridge officially opened at 20:00. First, several cyclists drove over it, … Read more

North bridge

Северный мост

Before the creation of the Vigurovshchina-Troyeshchyna residential area on the left bank of Kyiv, it was decided to connect it with the right bank by a separate bridge. In 1968 Georgy Fuchs (also designed metro bridge, South Bridge, Podolsky Bridge ) began work on the creation of the North Bridge project. In less than 3 … Read more