Ferris wheels

Колеса обозрения (чертово колесо)

Колесо обозрения в парке Партизанской Славы The Ferris wheel appeared in the park in 1982. Its height is 26.5 meters, it makes a full rotation in 5 minutes, the cabins have rain awnings and a steering wheel – it allows you to rotate the cabin around its axis and examine the surroundings from above. The …

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Kyiv Zoo

Киевский зоопарк

Kiev Zoological Park is a unique facility created on the initiative of professors from St. Vladimir University and the Polytechnic Institute, gymnasium teachers, doctors, public figures and many wildlife lovers who were members of the Kyiv Society of Nature Lovers. The official date of foundation of the Kyiv Zoo and the beginning of its activities …

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DVRZ got its name from the Darnytsky Car Repair Plant, which operates to this day. The microdistrict arose in 1934 as the village of the Darnitsky depot when the first barracks-dormitory for plant builders were built here, and modern development began in the 1930-50s. After 2000, multi-storey new buildings began to appear in the DVRZ, …

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PinchukArtCentre is one of the largest and most dynamic private contemporary art centers in Central and Eastern Europe. It was created by Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk in September 2006 as the main cultural project of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. The PinchukArtCentre is located in an ancient architectural ensemble of the Kyiv Bessarabian quarter, …

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