Ukrainian house

Украинский дом

The building was built in 1978-1982 according to the design of the architects of the Glavkievproekt Vadim Gopkalo (Vernadsky Library, river station, Hotel Tourist, first microdistrict of Troeshchina), Vadim Grechina (Vernadsky Library, Holy Trinity Cathedral, design of the Bereznyakov and Troeshchina microdistricts), Vladimir Kolomiets (design of the Troeshchyna microdistricts), Leonid Filenko (Khreshchatyk Hotel, planning of … Read more

International Exhibition Center

Международный выставочный центр

The International Exhibition Center is the largest exhibition building in Ukraine. A permanent venue for international business and exhibition events, forums, concerts, congresses, presentations and cultural and artistic shows. The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 was held here. The idea of building the complex belonged to Viktor Tkachenko, then the director of Palace of Sports. The … Read more

Palace of Sports

Вид на Дворец Спорта сверху

The Sports Palace was built in 1958-1960 according to the design of architects Mikhail Grechina (reconstruction of Dynamo Stadium, project for the construction and reconstruction of the complex “Olympic”) and Alexey Zavarov. It was officially opened on December 9, 1960. The structural basis of the 4-story structure (length – 138 meters, width – 78 meters, … Read more