Money Museum

Музей денег

The Museum of Money National Bank of Ukraine was officially opened on March 24, 2004 on the basis of materials from the museum of the Ukrainian office of the State Bank of the USSR (although the decision to establish it was made at the end of 1988), this event is timed to coincide with the … Read more

Houses of the housing cooperative “Soviet Doctor”

Дома жилищного кооператива "Советский врач"

Doctor’s House No. 1 The Doctor’s House is one of the first multi-apartment residential buildings built during Soviet times in Kyiv. Created in the style of constructivism according to the design of the architect Pavel Aleshin (also designed Kovalevsky’s mansion) in 1930. A monument of history, architecture, and urban planning of local importance. The house … Read more



Passage is a commercial and residential building in Kyiv in the form of a street-corridor formed by two parallel buildings (the current address is Khreshchatyk Street, 15). At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Stifner estate, located on the site of the current Passage, was purchased by the Rossiya Insurance Company for … Read more