Pavel Tychina Museum

Музей Павла Тычины

Apartment No. 3 on Tereshchenkovskaya Street 5 in post-war Kyiv was known among the Ukrainian intelligentsia and creative youth thanks to its owner, Pavel Grigorievich Tychyna. These 5 rooms witnessed the poet’s creative quest, poetic ups and downs for more than two decades (1944-1967). After the death of Pavel Tychyna (September 16, 1967), Lydia Petrovna … Read more

Military History Museum of the Defense University of Ukraine

Военно-исторический музей университета обороны Украины

The Military History Museum of the Ivan Chernyakhovsky University of Defense of Ukraine was created on July 25, 1992. Currently, on two open areas of the university museum there are about 60 museum exhibits of military equipment and weapons, dating from the period before and during the Great Patriotic War. Among them: armored and automotive … Read more

Museum of the Sixties

Клиника Качковских

The Sixties is the name of a new generation of Soviet and Ukrainian national intelligentsia, which appeared in culture and politics in the second half of the 1950s – during the period of temporary weakening of communist-Bolshevik totalitarianism and Khrushchev’s “thaw” (de-Stalinization and some liberalization) and reached maximum popularity at the beginning and mid-1960s (hence … Read more

Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine

Музей современного искусства Украины

Initially, there was a small collection, which its owner, businessman and philanthropist Sergei Tsyupko, began collecting 20 years ago. The basis was non-figurative painting by contemporary Ukrainian artists. Then a desire arose to expand the time and geographical scope of the collection, but focusing specifically on the art of Ukraine from the second half of … Read more