Pavel Tychina Museum

Apartment No. 3 on Tereshchenkovskaya Street 5 in post-war Kyiv was known among the Ukrainian intelligentsia and creative youth thanks to its owner, Pavel Grigorievich Tychyna. These 5 rooms witnessed the poet’s creative quest, poetic ups and downs for more than two decades (1944-1967).

After the death of Pavel Tychyna (September 16, 1967), Lydia Petrovna Paparuk, the poet’s widow, became the only owner of the apartment. Great love for her husband, as well as an understanding of the significance of Tychyna’s figure in the literary space of Ukraine and the world, determined Lydia Petrovna’s careful attitude towards the apartment, which continued to preserve the unique spirit of genius. Through the efforts of this woman, not only the poet’s creative heritage, his archive and library, but also the furnishings of the apartment, which was organized by Pavel Grigorievich, were preserved. It is not surprising that Lydia Petrovna’s last will was to create a museum based in her apartment.

After the death of Lydia Petrovna in 1975, the government of the Ukrainian SSR created a commission on the creative heritage of Pavel Tychyna, headed by the then chairman of the Union of Writers of Ukraine Vasily Kozachenko. Important and painstaking work has begun – registration and creation of a museum on scientific principles. For several years, archival specialists and museum experts put in order the archive and memorial things of the poet: furniture, household items, paintings, etc. On January 9, 1979, a resolution was issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR (No. 11) “On the creation of the Literary Memorial Museum-Apartment of P. G. Tychyna in the city of Kiev.” According to this document, the museum was created not directly in apartment No. 3, but on the first floor, where the poet’s memorial things were moved. The museum opened its doors to visitors on January 27, 1980. Only in the 1990s, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pavel Tychyna, under public pressure, the apartment was returned to the museum. Now there is a shop at the museum where you can buy books published by the museum and museum souvenirs.

Where is the Pavel Tychyna Museum?

Tereshchenkovskaya street, 5
(044) 234-43-27
Mon-Fri: 09:00-18:00, Sat-Sun: 10:00-19:00