Pavel Tychina Museum

Музей Павла Тычины

Apartment No. 3 on Tereshchenkovskaya Street 5 in post-war Kyiv was known among the Ukrainian intelligentsia and creative youth thanks to its owner, Pavel Grigorievich Tychyna. These 5 rooms witnessed the poet’s creative quest, poetic ups and downs for more than two decades (1944-1967). After the death of Pavel Tychyna (September 16, 1967), Lydia Petrovna … Read more

Museum of the Sixties

Клиника Качковских

The Sixties is the name of a new generation of Soviet and Ukrainian national intelligentsia, which appeared in culture and politics in the second half of the 1950s – during the period of temporary weakening of communist-Bolshevik totalitarianism and Khrushchev’s “thaw” (de-Stalinization and some liberalization) and reached maximum popularity at the beginning and mid-1960s (hence … Read more