Institute “Ukrgipropishcheprom”

Ukrainian State Institute for Design of Food Industry Enterprises “Ukrgipropishcheprom” was founded in 1943. Performed the functions of the main institute for the design of enterprises in the yeast and salt industries. The Ukrgipropishcheprom Institute, with 75 years of experience, was, until its closure in 2018, the largest institute in Ukraine for the design of food and processing industry enterprises in such areas as beer – non-alcoholic, malt, mineral water, yeast, salt, baking, confectionery, winemaking, alcohol, distillery, canning, dairy and so on. About 130 people worked here.

According to the design documentation of this institute, the following enterprises were built: a brewery in the city of Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan), malt production at the breweries: “Desna” (Chernigov), “Rogan” (Kharkov); the institute staff fruitfully collaborated with Obolon (Kyiv) – helped in the reconstruction and modernization of the plant; constantly collaborated with Kyiv bread factories on the development of documentation for the reconstruction and modernization of enterprises, with the Rosinka and Orlan soft drink factories. Also, “Ukrgipropishcheprom” worked fruitfully with foreign companies – suppliers of equipment. As of December 2018, the institute building was abandoned; everything of any value was dismantled or subsequently stolen.

Where is the Ukrgipropishcheprom Institute located?

Elena Teligi Street, 8