Museum of the Sixties

Клиника Качковских

The Sixties is the name of a new generation of Soviet and Ukrainian national intelligentsia, which appeared in culture and politics in the second half of the 1950s – during the period of temporary weakening of communist-Bolshevik totalitarianism and Khrushchev’s “thaw” (de-Stalinization and some liberalization) and reached maximum popularity at the beginning and mid-1960s (hence … Read more

Kyiv Academic Theater Art Workshop “Constellation”

Киевская академическая мастерская театрального искусства «Созвездие»

The Kiev academic workshop of theatrical art “Constellation” is the first Ukrainian engagement theater, created in 1988. Under the leadership of artistic director-director Alexey Kuzhelny, the best actors of the capital’s theaters – people’s and honored artists of Ukraine, theater youth – have the opportunity for theatrical experiments on the stage of the theater. Famous … Read more