Kyiv Academic Theater Art Workshop “Constellation”

The Kiev academic workshop of theatrical art “Constellation” is the first Ukrainian engagement theater, created in 1988. Under the leadership of artistic director-director Alexey Kuzhelny, the best actors of the capital’s theaters – people’s and honored artists of Ukraine, theater youth – have the opportunity for theatrical experiments on the stage of the theater. Famous directors and young directors are involved as directors.

The theater’s repertoire includes classical and modern productions. Performances are performed in Russian and Ukrainian. Such famous masters of the Ukrainian stage as Nadezhda Baturina, Larisa Kadochnikova, Larisa Kadyrova, Lyudmila Lymar, Raisa Nedashkovskaya, Stepan Oleksenko, Ada Rogovtseva, Bogdan Stupka, Nikolai Rushkovsky, Larisa Troyanovskaya, Evgeniy Nishchuk and others visited the stage of the Constellation Theater. “Constellation” has two stages: a main stage with 80 seats, and a micro stage with 21 seats.

The theatrical art workshop “Constellation” has repeatedly represented Ukrainian theatrical art at international festivals, including “Echo”, “Chersonese Games”, “White Tower”, “Golden Lion”, “Ternopil Theater Evenings”, “Melpomene of Tavria”, “Crimean Ark” ” and others. Almost always, the theater’s performances received high praise from the jury. “Constellation” is a laureate of many theater festivals, winner of numerous awards and diplomas.

The premises in which the theater operates are a landmark of history and architecture. The house, which was built in 1908 according to the design of the famous Kyiv architect Nikolai Yaskevich, belonged to the famous Kyiv landowner, Russian Colonel Leonid Rodzianko. The interiors of the house are made in Art Nouveau style. The history of the house in which the theater is located is an epigraph to almost every performance of the theater. The guide to the ancient estate, an architectural monument, is Alexey Kuzhelny himself, who talks about the Kiev entrepreneur and horse breeder Leonid Rodzianko and his house.

During Rodzianko’s tenure, the estate often hosted art salons, where creative people gathered, played music, read poetry, and staged home performances. During the restoration of the estate, theater posters from 1908 were discovered under wooden panels in the first hall of the wall. Having sold the house in 1914, Rodzianko left for America, where he very soon became a wealthy man (having invested capital profitably, he became a dollar millionaire). Later, the house housed a rehearsal base for the national honored academic choir of Ukraine “Dumka”, and since 1988 the chamber engagement theater “Constellation” has been operating in the house.

Where is the Kiev academic workshop of theatrical art “Constellation”?

Yaroslavov Val street, 14B
(044) 272-41-88