Museum of the Security Service of Ukraine

This museum is located in a building that is a sensitive facility. For this reason, there is no free access to the SBU museum and you can visit it only if you send a request to the SBU press service and receive their consent. This article is for informational purposes only, the address of the museum is indicated for orientation purposes and, as previously written, it is impossible to visit the museum without prior approval of your request for an excursion by the SBU press service.

The museum is located directly in the SBU building and is a training center with classrooms for new employees, where they are introduced to the history and activities of the Ukrainian security service. The main part of this center looks like a completely ordinary museum; materials from various departments are presented here with descriptions, original samples and photographs. In the museum you can learn about the fight against drug crime (there is even a sample of real heroin), see an exhibition dedicated to the “dashing 90s”, see what the Organized Crime Control Department does (this organization provided the museum with a large number of counterfeit banknotes of the world’s currencies) and study the work of the anti-terrorism department of the SBU ( threatening letters, handwriting examinations, explosive devices, RPGs and much more).

The SBU also collects information about the Chernobyl accident and stores the KGB archives on Chernobyl (already made public). And thanks to the expert and forensic service of the OTU SBU, a lot of church relics returned to Ukraine. Icons, paintings and other objects of painting are amenable to traceological, handwriting and author’s examinations. I would especially like to highlight the counterintelligence department: everything is very serious here, little information is shown, and there are almost no real objects in the museum. Basically all information is classified. The SBU Museum has a lot of interesting things and you will be very lucky if you get there!

Where is the Museum of the Security Service of Ukraine?

Vladimirskaya street, 35