Temple of St. Agapit of Pechersk and St. Luke of Crimea

In the calm and quiet shade of the trees Pushkin Park there are 2 churches: St. Agapit of Pechersk and St. Luke of Crimea. The history of these temples began with a small article in the newspaper “Evening Kyiv” entitled “Where are the origins without spirituality?”, in which four students of the Kyiv Medical Institute wrote about our great doctors, forgotten by their descendants. In particular, about the Venerable Agapit of Pechersk – the founder of domestic medicine and the forefather of modern doctors. The authors of the text were lucky enough to work as part of the state research commission for the study of nearby caves Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra.

The article contains very interesting information. For example, the fact that components of medicinal drugs were found on the palms of Agapit – copper powder and pollen from plants from the shores of distant Byzantium. Since the publication of this article, students have been invited to speak on radio, at conventions, and at conferences. The guys talked everywhere about how it would be nice to erect a monument to this doctor. But over time, an understanding came: the best veneration of the memory of the holy healer would be the construction of a temple. On Easter 1998, the first Divine Liturgy took place in the Church of St. Agapit of Pechersk. For almost 9 years, the service of God was performed in a simple church on the first floor of the ophthalmology department of the 14th hospital in Kyiv. And only in July 2006, in Pushkin Park, in 2 weeks, craftsmen from Volyn erected a beautiful wooden temple. And in October of the same year, on the feast of all the saints of the Pechersk in the Near Caves, the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Vladimir, performed the rite of consecration of the throne and the temple.

In November 2007, construction began on a new church – St. Luke of Crimea. In just 1.5 years, next to the wooden temple of Agapit of Pechersk, a bright and spacious stone temple of Luke of Crimea grew up. In December 2009, the Church of St. Luke of Crimea (Voino-Yasenetsky) was consecrated. The patron saint of the new church, Archbishop Luke of Simferopol and Crimea, like Agapit of Pechersk, devoted his entire life to serving God and treating people. Surgeon, author of “Essays on Purulent Surgery”, father of 4 children, archbishop and victim of political repression. He spent 11 years in exile, without ceasing to pray and heal. In 2000, he was canonized among the host of new martyrs and confessors. The life of the parish of the two churches does not stand still. Classes to study the Holy Scriptures are held 1-2 times a week, and there is a Sunday school. The large church family welcomes more and more new parishioners. For the youngest Orthodox Christians there is a playground.

Where is the temple of St. Agapit of Pechersk and St. Luke of Crimea?

Pobeda Avenue, 40B
044 332-34-63
morning service: 08:00, evening: 18:00