Oxygen plant

Заброшенная территория завода

The history of the development of oxygen production in Kyiv began in the pre-war period, when, with the growth of the industrial potential of the region, a significant need for oxygen and acetylene arose. By the beginning of 1941, production buildings were built and the Kiev oxygen plant received domestically produced equipment manufactured by the … Read more

Otradny Park

Парк Отрадный

Otradny arose as a farm in 1914 after the purchase of these lands by the Kyiv collegiate registrar (lowest civil rank) K. Yanikhovsky. The farm was located on the territory of the current industrial zone. The settlement became part of Kyiv in 1938. The old buildings were demolished in the second half of the 1960s. … Read more

Mamaeva Sloboda

Мамаева Слобода

In the 17-18th century, these lands belonged to Mikhailovsky Golden-Domed Monastery. Among the oak groves above the source of the Lybid, in approximately the same place where Mamayeva Sloboda is located (a settlement is a type of settlement or city district in the history of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: at the time of its foundation, … Read more