Theater “Black Square”

The first recruitment to the “Black Square” took place on September 1, 1991, 5 years after the first attempt to organize a theater studio. The founder and artistic director of the theater is Anatoly Neelov, a professional director, also the creator of the method of stage improvisation, a practicing business coach, the author of the “Art of Game Technology” system, actor, director and permanent director of the theater studio. Under his leadership, more than 120 original and classical performances were created and shown, the improvisational play structure “Black Square” was developed, acting ensembles and scientific and methodological systems were formed. The team is a laureate of city and republican competitions and international festivals. The theater has about 80 awards – diplomas, certificates and prizes, including Grand Prix, First Prizes, laureate titles, awards for acting and much more.

“Black Square” is the only theater-studio of improvisation in Ukraine, working on the creative principle of “live” acting based on improvisation – a method of theatrical acting when a work is born “here and now”, becoming authentic and unique. Actors and spectators are completely involved in the action, which, as a rule, is unexpected for both the former and the latter. In the winter of 1994, the question arose in the studio about the unpreparedness of the staged performance. There was an urgent need to decide what to show the viewer. And a decision was made that determined the activities of a large group of people for many years – to play pure improvisation. On December 18, 1994, the first improvisation show “Black Square” was shown, attracting an audience of 60 people. In the center of the playing hall, a rectangular cloth of black velvet was unrolled. Spectators settled around the perimeter. Actors in neutral clothes (black bottom, white top), entering the improvisational stage, created plots in the mode of pure improvisation without a single “home preparation”. The game turned out to be so exciting that it was adopted as the basis for the activities of the studio, which has since become known as the Black Square improvisation theater. And it was decided that the improvisational game would receive the status of an educational exercise to which the public is allowed.

Where is the Black Square Theater?

Sichev Streltsiv Street, 5B
044 272 51 22, 272 51 24, 353 08 43