Pavel Tychina Museum

Музей Павла Тычины

Apartment No. 3 on Tereshchenkovskaya Street 5 in post-war Kyiv was known among the Ukrainian intelligentsia and creative youth thanks to its owner, Pavel Grigorievich Tychyna. These 5 rooms witnessed the poet’s creative quest, poetic ups and downs for more than two decades (1944-1967). After the death of Pavel Tychyna (September 16, 1967), Lydia Petrovna … Read more

Square named after Chkalov

Сквер имени Чкалова

The square was created in the 1920s in front of the building of the Kyiv Veterinary and Zootechnical Institute, which was located there from 1924 to 1934 – now the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations is located here. The monument to Valery Pavlovich Chkalov (Soviet test pilot, brigade commander, hero of the Soviet … Read more

Pavlovsky Square

Павловский сквер

Not far from “house with cats” is Pavlovsky Square, which is popularly called Pavlovsky Garden or Kindergarten . The square was created in 1905-1909 on the site of an ancient ravine during the construction of the first houses on Novo-Pavlovskaya Street, which connected Gogolevskaya and Observatornaya streets. The square area is 1.8 hectares. There is … Read more