Elias Church

Ильинская церковь

Elias Church is possibly the first Orthodox church of Kievan Rus. The first mentions of it occur even before the Baptism of Rus’. The Tale of Bygone Years says that in 945, when the Kyiv ambassadors, after concluding an agreement with the Byzantine Emperor Roman, returned to Kiev, accompanied by a Greek delegation, a divine … Read more

Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine

Музей современного искусства Украины

Initially, there was a small collection, which its owner, businessman and philanthropist Sergei Tsyupko, began collecting 20 years ago. The basis was non-figurative painting by contemporary Ukrainian artists. Then a desire arose to expand the time and geographical scope of the collection, but focusing specifically on the art of Ukraine from the second half of … Read more

Hetmanate Museum

Музей гетманства

The Hetman Museum is a state cultural, educational and historical research institution, a concentration of monuments of material and spiritual culture related to the history and traditions of the Cossack-Hetman era, which was created on March 11, 1993 by order of the representative of the President of Ukraine. The museum is located in the building … Read more