Theater-studio MIST

Выступление коллектива театра МИСТ

The theater-studio MIST (youth interactive modern theater) was created in October 2005 by a group of like-minded people: artistic director Yulia Gasilina, director and playwright Alexander Miroshnichenko, playwright and cultural critic Neda Nezhdnaya. MIST is associated primarily with the transition to the other side, another territory, unknown, unexplored. At the same time, it is a … Read more

Elias Church

Ильинская церковь

Elias Church is possibly the first Orthodox church of Kievan Rus. The first mentions of it occur even before the Baptism of Rus’. The Tale of Bygone Years says that in 945, when the Kyiv ambassadors, after concluding an agreement with the Byzantine Emperor Roman, returned to Kiev, accompanied by a Greek delegation, a divine … Read more