Monument to Alexander Vertinsky

On March 18, 2019, a monument to the pop artist, film actor, composer, poet and singer of the early 20th century, Alexander Vertinsky, was erected in Podol. And on March 21, the official opening of the sculpture of the cultural figure, who was born in Kyiv in 1889, took place (the ceremony was timed to coincide with the 130th anniversary of his birth).
The monument to Vertinsky was created by an equally outstanding person – sculptor Boris Dovgan, among whose works there are reliefs on the building of the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information (popularly known as “plate on Lybydskaya“) and bas-reliefs in the hotel “Slavutich” (located on Rusanovka). The statue is made of bronze and weighs 500 kilograms; the work was financed by the collector Alexander Bray.
Dovgan, who is now 90 years old, portrayed Vertinsky in the stage role of Pierrot – in this form he recited his poems set to music – “Little Creole”, “Your fingers smell like incense”, “Cocainete” and dedicated to the actress Vera Kholodnaya romance “The Lilac Negro”.

Alexander Vertinsky was one of the famous poets of the “Silver Age” of Russian poetry. He studied at the 1st Kyiv Gymnasium. However, he lasted only 2 years there. He was expelled for poor academic performance and unacceptable behavior and transferred to the 4th Kyiv Gymnasium. Here Alexander is interested in theater. In 1913 he moved to Moscow. He performs on stage and creates the stage image of Pierrot. During the First World War, he entered the medical echelon as a medical brother. After the October Revolution, he emigrated from Russia to Constantinople. At various times he lived in Greece, Poland, Romania, France, the USA, and China. In 1943 he moved to the USSR. In 1951, he was awarded the then prestigious Stalin Prize for his role in the film “Conspiracy of the Doomed.” In total, Vertinsky’s filmography includes more than 20 works in silent and sound films. His two daughters – Anastasia and Marianna – became famous Soviet film actresses. Alexander Vertinsky died on May 21, 1957 in Leningrad at the age of 69, having given his last concert that day.

Where is the monument to Alexander Vertinsky?

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