Monument to Igor Sikorsky

On August 31, 2019, on Aviation Day of Ukraine, a monument to the outstanding aircraft designer Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky, who is the creator of the world’s first four-engine aircraft “Russian Knight” (1913), a heavy four-engine bomber and a passenger aircraft, was inaugurated at the Kiev international airport. “Ilya Muromets” (1914), transatlantic seaplane, serial single-rotor helicopter (USA, 1942). Born and studied in Kyiv, after which he worked in St. Petersburg as a chief designer in a department of the Russian-Baltic Carriage Plant. During the October Revolution, he left Russia and moved to France, but not finding work there, he moved again, this time to the USA, where in 1923 he founded the aviation company Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation and remained to live there until the end of his days.

The author of the monument was the sculptor Vladimir Zhuravel, who created the sculptural composition “Children Launch Boats” installed on Poshtovaya Square, as well as the monument to Ilya Muromets, which is located in Park “Muromets” on Trukhanov Island. The sculpture of Igor Sikorsky was created using modern technologies using a 3D printer. The figure itself is made of bronze, covered with a dark green patina and stands on a stylized granite hemisphere. The aircraft designer is holding a kinetic model in his hands – the world’s first helicopter. The helicopter blades rotate under gusts of wind. The total height of the monument with the pedestal is 7.5 meters. Not far from the Sikorsky monument there is an aviation museum.

Where is the monument to Igor Sikorsky?

Medovaya street, 2