Theater-studio MIST

The theater-studio MIST (youth interactive modern theater) was created in October 2005 by a group of like-minded people: artistic director Yulia Gasilina, director and playwright Alexander Miroshnichenko, playwright and cultural critic Neda Nezhdnaya. MIST is associated primarily with the transition to the other side, another territory, unknown, unexplored. At the same time, it is a sign of unity between artists and the public, directors and playwrights, between generations… The theater is called “modern” primarily in the European sense – as a theater of modern drama, Ukrainian and foreign. After all, theaters that have new drama as their priorities exist successfully in other countries. MIST creates a living theater that is not afraid of exploration and is open to the different language of a new audience. That is why the theater is also called “youth”, both because of the age of the actors and directors, and because of its focus on the public.

In addition, a theater studio is open at the theater. The studio’s task is to educate a “smart Harlequin” – an actor who has perfect control of his body (as a figurative instrument), voice and imagination. To do this, we use various techniques and acting trainings – from traditional to the latest. But in our studio, the student is not limited to just learning acting. Thanks to classes in the basics of the theory and practice of drama, actors get used to the fact that the literary basis is not an ossified dogma that can be followed or that needs to be broken, but a free territory of a living creative process. The theater-studio began its first season on September 17, 2006 with the premiere of the play based on the play by Nedia Nejdannaya: “The One Who Opens the Doors.” MIST is also open to joint projects with artists and artistic organizations from Ukraine and abroad.

Where is the MIST Theater Studio?

Mezhigorskaya street, 21
(044) 419-85-39