Money Museum

The Museum of Money National Bank of Ukraine was officially opened on March 24, 2004 on the basis of materials from the museum of the Ukrainian office of the State Bank of the USSR (although the decision to establish it was made at the end of 1988), this event is timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the printing of the first banknotes of independent Ukraine at its own banknote factory. The museum collection (numismatics and bonistics items) reflects monetary circulation on the territory of Ukraine from ancient times to the present and is housed in the NBU building.

The museum’s exposition is built according to a chronological principle – starting from primitive money and ending with the national monetary unit of modern Ukraine – the hryvnia. The museum’s materials reflect more than a thousand years of history of the hryvnia and other banknotes in circulation at different times in the country.

The Museum of Money presents (in originals and replicas):
– coins of Greek poleis of the Northern Black Sea region;
– coins of the Roman Empire 1-3 centuries AD;
– coins from the heyday of trade with the countries of the East and Byzantium – dirhams of the Arab Caliphate and milliarys of the Byzantine Empire;
– the first coins of Kievan Rus – zolotniks and silver coins;
– silver bars of Kievan Rus of the so-called “coinless period”;
– coins of Western Europe from the 15th to 17th centuries;
– kopecks of the Moscow kingdom and metal and paper money of the Russian Empire;
– money from the times of the Ukrainian People’s Republic 1917 – 1920;
– Soviet rubles and karbovanets of the first years of Ukraine’s independence;
– hryvnia of independent Ukraine 1996 – our time;
– a complete collection of commemorative and anniversary coins of Ukraine;
– exposition of monetary units of many countries of the world.

The modern museum of money not only provides visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with valuable exhibits, but also to improve their level of financial literacy. Special trainings are conducted for schoolchildren and students on savings, deposit protection, and security features on banknotes. Such trainings form the basis of financial awareness. The final part is interactive training, during which each participant, using a special hand press, mints a souvenir coin using a hammer, as they did in medieval times. You can register for an excursion to the NBU Money Museum by making a preliminary application on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine. Excursions are free of charge.

Where is the money museum?

Institutskaya street, 9