Park Bridge

Park Bridge is a pedestrian bridge across the Dnieper, which connects the central part of Kyiv with the park area and beaches of Trukhanov Island. Built in 1956-1957 according to the design of the Ukrproektstalkonstruktsiya Institute with the participation of the Evgeniy Paton Institute of Electric Welding of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Socialist Republic. In appearance, the bridge seems unusually light, but in fact it is reliable and durable. The length of the Park Bridge is 429 meters, width – 7 meters.
With the opening of the metro bridge in 1965, the load on the Park Bridge became less. Due to the extraction of sand from the Dnieper, which was used in construction and to renew the beaches of Odessa, in 1982 one of the bridge supports began to shake. After this incident, sand mining in this place was banned, and the bridge supports were strengthened with stones. The expressive silhouette of the bridge has become one of the traditional elements in the panorama of Kyiv.

Where is Park Bridge located?