Metro bridge and Rusanovsky metro bridge

Metro bridge

The first metro bridge across the Dnieper, the author of the project and chief engineer is Georgy Fuks (his other projects: South Bridge, Northern Bridge, Podolsky bridge). Opened November 5, 1965. A two-tier structure for the movement of metro trains (upper tier, in the middle) and vehicles (lower, on the sides). It was built next to the former location of the Chain Bridge, destroyed in 1920, and the Eugenia Bosch Bridge created on its basis, blown up during the Great Patriotic War. The metro bridge is the world’s first arched structure on dry joints in terms of spans. The consoles are made of separate reinforced concrete blocks connected with metal bolts.
The metro bridge, together with the Rusanovsky bridge, connects the right-bank part of Kyiv with Rusanovka, Levoberezhny massif, Voskresenka, Forest massif, recreation area — Hydropark. On the right bank of the Dnieper, the bridge is completed by the Dnepr metro station.

Rusanovsky metro bridge

The bridge across the Rusanovsky Strait, intended for the movement of vehicles and metro trains. It was opened on November 5, 1965 as a continuation of the metro bridge simultaneously with the opening of the third stage of the Svyatoshynsko-Brovarskaya line of the Kyiv metro from the Dnepr station to the Darnitsa station. Built on the site of the N. A. Belelyubsky bridge, destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. The beam structure bridge, six-span, length – 350 meters, the width of the roadway for cars on the northern side of the bridge – 14 meters, the width of the sidewalks – 3.5 meters. On the southern side of the bridge, two subway tracks were laid in the section between the Hydropark and Levoberezhnaya stations.

Where is the metro bridge and Rusanovsky metro bridge located?