Grandmother with kravchuchka

In August 2013, within the framework of the “Kiev Fashion Park” project in the park area Rusanovskaya embankment (across the street from the playground house at Rusanovskaya embankment 6) the opening of a new street art object by Anna Kiseleva “Grandma with Kravchuchka” took place. “Grandmothers” is the author’s series of lively, ironic and kind sculptural objects that easily fit into the urban environment and into the hearts of citizens. The first work, Classical Grandmother, was installed in Shevchenko Park in 2011. Babka, outwardly bright, stands on Rusanovka in the pose of a defender of the fatherland, her kravchuchka with a headless duck could easily be a machine gun. But peacetime makes its own adjustments to the surrounding reality, while it is not able to change the invincible character of the character. The author is sure that her “Babka” on Rusanovskaya embankment will have a long, interesting and happy life.
Grandmother with kravchuchka is a gift to Kyiv from Vadim Pereverzev, Yuriy Tyra, Stepan Kazanin, Evgeny Koshevoy, Yuriy Koryavchenkov and the ELTRINO company.

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Where is the grandmother with the kravchuchka?

Rusanovskaya embankment, 6 (across the road from the playground of the house)