Grandma classic

Installed in Taras Shevchenko Park Anna Kiseleva’s sculpture “Babtsya is classic” is a symbol of the classic Kyiv grandmother of the 80s last century. A little harmful, touching, caringly cozy, often leaving her usual environment to help her children and grandchildren, she sat down to rest on a bench… The patron who gave Kiev “Babtsya klasichna” is a trademark of Zhmenka groceries. And this is the first case in the history of the “Kiev Fashion Park” project when such a gift to Kyiv is made not by an individual, but by a company.

– We hope that this excellent initiative will be continued by other large companies, – said the founder of “Kiev Fashion Park”, – I am glad that more and more successful companies and people are appearing in our country who understand that it is fashionable to give and share positive emotions today, and for which the social responsibility of business is relevant.

Despite the fact that “Babtsya” was installed in Shevchenko Park quite recently, she has already managed to become a kind of talisman and acquire legends. They say that students, putting a record book in her purse, successfully handed over “tails”, and if you sit next to her on a bench, you will be lucky all the next day. To check whether this is true or not, anyone who comes to the grandmother in the park can. But, without a doubt, the classical grandmother has already won the sympathy of the people of Kiev and guests of the capital.

Sculptures within the framework of the “Kiev Fashion Park” project can be seen in other interesting places in Kyiv:
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Where is the classic grandmother located?

Tereshchenkovskaya street, 11A