Khreshchaty park

Khreshchaty Park (former names: Merchant’s Garden, Pioneer Park) was created in 1882 as a garden of the Merchant’s Assembly near European Square, on the slopes of the Dnieper, along Vladimirsky Descent. In the same year, the building of the Merchant Assembly (nowadays – the National Philharmonic of Ukraine) was built in it. Part of the park at one time was part of the Royal Garden (the current City Garden).

What is in Khreschaty Park?

1. National Philharmonic of Ukraine
2. Monument “Love Story”
3. National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
4. Kyiv State Academic Puppet Theatre
5. Water Museum
6. Wish Tree Monument
7. Monument “Toad Piggy Bank”
8. Arch of Friendship of Peoples
9. Observation deck
10. Monument to Magdeburg Law
11. Parkovyjjj bridge (bridge of lovers)

In 1872, the first water tower of the Kyiv water supply system was built in Khreshchaty Park, and in 1876, the second tower, which now houses the Water Information Center (water museum). The total area of ​​Khreschaty Park is 12 hectares, the place for walking is very pleasant, and many sights and the view of Podil and left-bank Kyiv from the observation deck will not leave anyone indifferent! Next to Khreshchaty Park is Parkovy Bridge (Bridge of Lovers), glass bridge (which leads to Vladimirskaya Gorka), City Garden, Mariinsky Park, Askold’s Grave Park and National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Where is Khreshchaty Park located?