National Philharmonic of Ukraine

The history of the Philharmonic in Kyiv began in 1863, when the Kiev branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Society was founded. In 1882, the society received its own concert venue – just built according to the project of Vladimir Nikolaev (Museum of Russian Art – since 2017 it has been called Kiev Art Gallery, Liberman’s mansion, Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Ascension Church on Baykove Cemetery, Halperin’s mansion, Zaitsev’s mansion) is the house of the merchants’ assembly, now known as the Nikolay Lysenko Hall of Columns. Masquerade balls, family celebrations, charity lotteries, literary and musical evenings, and in the 1890s morning chamber music concerts organized by this society took place in this house.

Philharmonic activities continued during the years of the Civil War and the First World War. During these years, works by M. Mussorgsky, C. Debussy, C. Saint-Saens and other composers were performed. During these two decades, S. Rakhmaninov, A. Skryabin, A. Nezhdanova, L. Sobinov, F. Chaliapin and others went on tour until the end of the existence of the merchant assembly in 1919. The premises were transferred to the proletarian house of arts, then to the house of political education, after the Bolshevik club, and in the 1930s there was Palace of Pioneers and Octobrists. From 1927 to 1934, the State Philharmonic worked in Kharkov, which was the capital of the Ukrainian SSR in those years, and returned to Kyiv in 1934, but the concerts were held in different halls and workers’ clubs. In 1941, the activities of the Kyiv State Philharmonic Society was terminated, and the priceless archives were burned on the orders of the supreme board of the party. During the occupation of Kyiv, the German officers’ club was located in the house of the merchant assembly. This house is one of the few that survived near Khreshchatyk destroyed by explosions and fires.

According to the master plan for the post-war restoration of Kiev and after a thorough examination, the building was intended for demolition, since it was in disrepair, but the house was not destroyed due to the remarkable acoustics of the concert hall, and a decision was made to repair it. The Kiev Philharmonic began its work here already in 1944. In the 1980s, the building of the Philharmonic survived several accidents. Cellars were flooded, which resulted in the loss of archives and one of the best music libraries in Kyiv. In the 1990s, the Hall of Columns was closed for restoration and opened only at the end of 1996.

Now the creative composition of the National Philharmonic includes folk and honored artists, honored artists, honored workers of culture of Ukraine, many laureates of international and national competitions, art groups. The National Philharmonic of Ukraine, along with active concert activity in order to widely promote domestic and foreign art of the classical heritage, the revival of Ukrainian national culture, constantly holds international competitions and festivals, takes part in national and international art projects, presentations, creative reports, scientific and practical conferences, exhibitions, civic actions with the participation of state and government leaders.

Where is the National Philharmonic of Ukraine located?

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