Wish tree

In July 2014 in Kreschaty Park next to Water Museum has an art object from the national producer of chicken eggs, the company “Yasensvit” – a tree of desires. The work, which was made by the workshop of the artist-blacksmith Alexander Zagorodny, reaches 4.5 meters in height and weighs about 2 tons.

At the foot of the magic tree of the tree lives a shore chicken. Stroking her on the wing, you can ask for wealth and protection. The nest next to it is a symbol of the family. By throwing a coin into it, you can make a wish about creating and preserving a family. Eggs in the nest are a symbol of life, the continuation of the family. Touching them, you can ask for the appearance of your baby, or even a couple at once … Rejuvenating apples are hidden in the forged crown of the tree, which give youth, health and beauty to those who ask. The bird of happiness lurks above. You can not touch it, so as not to frighten off luck. But to make a wish and ask for happiness is even necessary. Holding on to the roots of the tree, wish health and longevity to your parents. If neither an egg, nor a chicken, nor apples overpower your dream, it does not matter. Lower the note with the most secret desire inside the trunk. If the desire is good, then the tree will surely fulfill it!

Where is the wish tree located?