Water museum

The Water Information Center (Water Museum) is an information center in Kreshchaty Park, created by the Kiev City State Administration with the support of the Danish Ministry of Leisure May 24, 2003 in the restored structures of the first Kiev centralized water supply, built in 1872-1876 according to the project of architect Alexander Shile.

The tower, which houses the entrance to the institution, was built in 1876 and reconstructed in 2003 according to the original drawings with the restoration of the fire tower. The neighboring tower, dismantled in 1939-40, was also restored according to old drawings.

The main exposition is located in the premises of the former underground reservoir of clean water, built in 1909. The exhibition was created by Danish designer Carston Moller. Examination of the exposition gives an opportunity to get acquainted in an unconventional way with water, the process of water treatment, methods of rational water use in everyday life, travel along the sewer collector to the treatment facilities of the Bortnitskaya aeration station.

It also tells about the history of the creation of a centralized water supply system in the city, opened on March 1, 1872, and about the history of the city water supply system as a whole, which has been operating in Podil since at least 1636. Authentic exhibits of the 18th-19th centuries are presented. In the museum you can watch the melting of glaciers, the birth of rains and the eruption of geysers. You can change the course of the river on the model, have fun with big soap bubbles, test the power of the water pump, get acquainted with live fish – Japanese carp.

Where is the Water Museum located?

Hrushevsky street, 1B
(044) 279-53-33, 279-53-80