Sculpture “Director. Observer”

May 31, 2014 within the framework of the “Kiev Fashion Park” project between Mariinsky and Khreshchaty parks, very close to Mariinsky Palace, At the initiative of the TV channel “Inter”, a sculptural composition “Director. Observer” was installed. The sculptural composition consists of the art object “Director” and the sculpture “Observer” placed on the roof of the heliport. Being at a distance, both objects ideologically interact with each other, creating a single composition in space. The problem of adapting to the urban environment was solved by the sculptors as much as possible, since at the stage of developing the sketches the characteristics of the locations (the distance between them and the level of location) were taken into account.

Work on “Director. Observer” began in the spring of 2013. Svetlana Karunskaya and Ivan Gamolsky created their works separately, giving each other theoretical advice, but without interfering in the technological process.
The object “Director” by Ivan Gamolsky is installed near the observation deck. The work consists of the attributes necessary for the director: a camera, a chair and a cracker. By combining all the components of the art object with the help of a round pedestal, the author achieved the integrity of the composition. “Director” is the first optical art object in Ukraine, which has no analogues in the world. A spyglass is mounted in the director’s camera, aimed at the sculpture “Observer”.

The sculptural composition, Svetlana Karunskaya, “Observer” is installed on the roof of the heliport. The man sitting on the edge of the roof fixed his gaze on those who were watching him. Svetlana Karunskaya’s signature style is felt in the realistic figure, made of bronze-tinted composite material. Svetlana Karunskaya made the sculpture “Observer” elongated. Rough elbows and knees harmoniously echo the angular decorative elements that partially overlap the glass facade of the building.
It should be noted the degree of complexity in the manufacture of works and their installation, in the event of the slightest mistake, the line of sight between the objects could not coincide, which would lead to the loss of the idea itself.

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Where is the sculpture “Director. Observer” located?