Art object “The world through rose-colored glasses”

As part of the Kiev Fashion Park project, Volodymyr Padun and Lyudmila Rozdobudko-Padun installed Singing Field “The world through rose-colored glasses” art object. The glossy metal frame of the glasses, magnified hundreds of times, stands on one arm, while the second one is suspended in the air. An unusual decorative element of the art object are real frames, which are built into the pink “glasses” of the glasses. About 800 pairs of ordinary lenses were spent on the manufacture of glasses,
– the height of the sculpture – 3 meters, weight – about 250 kg. The Luxoptica company sponsored the creation of this art object and left its mark on the cultural history of the city. The creators of this unusual sculpture are sure that each time, looking at the “World through rose-colored glasses”, everyone will think about their own and reflect on dreams that have come true and unfulfilled.

Sculptures within the framework of the “Kiev Fashion Park” project can be seen in other interesting places in Kyiv:
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Rare bird.

Where is the art object “The World Through Pink Glasses” located?