Sculpture Staircase

In September 2012, on Rusanovskaya embankment, another sculpture appeared from a whole series of art objects that are on it (Grandmother with Kravchuchka, sculptural group “The bird that flew to the middle of the Dnieper”). The “Ladder” is made in the classical casting technique and is strikingly different from the already well-known sculpture “Love-River” by Alexander Lidagovsky, installed on Landscape Alley. The composition of the “Stairs” consists of steps rising up, on which two boys, a girl, a dog and a cat are climbing – they seem to be striving towards life, with its opportunities, adventures and trials. At first, they wanted to install the “Staircase” on the steps of the former cinema “Krakow”, but, unfortunately, they turned out to be in disrepair.

The sculptor said that the idea of this creation was born from an internal state of gravitation upward, striving for something. Work on a new sculpture was not easy for him and took about six months.
– I started my first steps in sculpture with paper, and when I took up heavy, material things, I tried to somehow remove this heaviness. This thing is quite massive, but it creates a feeling of lightness, soars in the air. It was not easy to do this, – Alexander Lidagovsky shared the process of creating an art object.

Where is the Ladder Sculpture located?