Podolsky bridge crossing

It is a combined bridge crossing, which has been under construction for several decades across the Dnieper River and the Desenka branch, a two-tier structure consisting of three bridges and flyovers connecting them. On the upper tier there are 6 lanes for motor transport (3 lanes in both directions; the design traffic intensity of motor transport is up to 60,000 vehicles per day), on the lower tier there is the Podolsko-Vigurovskaya metro line (metro to Troyeshchyna) with three stations located on overpasses: “Sudostroitelnaya”, “Trukhanov Ostrov” and “Desenka Bay”. The route of the Podolsky bridge crossing has been marked on all master plans for the development of Kyiv since the late 1980s. The chief engineer of the project is Georgy Borisovich Fuks (metro bridge, South and Northern (Moscow) bridges), which, unfortunately, did not live to see the completion of construction work and died in 2008.

According to the project, the bridge should connect Podol with the left-bank districts of Voskresenka and Raduzhny Massif, but most importantly, the bridge should “give the green light” to the launch of the metro to Troyeshchina. The total length of the bridge crossing is about 7.5 km. The overpass of the bridge crossing starts from Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya Street on Podil and crosses the Rybalsky Peninsula, Trukhanov Ostrov, passes through the Rusanovsky Gardens and exits on the left bank of Kyiv. The overpass includes three bridges across the Harbor, arched between the Rybalsky Peninsula and Trukhanov Island, as well as bridges over the Desenka (between Trukhanov Island and the left bank of the Dnieper) and Rainbow Lake. A feasibility study for the construction of a bridge crossing to Troyeshchina began to be developed back in 1987-1989. The project was approved by the Bridge Construction Council in July 1990 and approved by the Kyiv City Council in April 1993. Work on the construction of the bridge began in 1993, but due to lack of funding, construction was suspended a few years later. In December 2003, work was resumed.

The completion of construction was planned for 2008, but due to the poor economic situation in the country, funding was resumed only in May 2010. In accordance with the updated schedule, the completion of the first stage (the delivery of automobile bridges and overpasses to the left bank embankment with the organization of traffic to Shukhevych Avenue, which would allow unloading the North Bridge) was postponed to 2013. But at the end of 2013, the bridge was still far from ready. In 2014, the central spans of the arches of the bridge across the Dnieper were raised and mounted. In August 2017, the deadline for the delivery of the automobile part of the Podolsky bridge crossing was set to 2021, and after that the implementation of the metro project to Troyeshchina will begin.

Where is the Podolsk Bridge located?