Park “Troeshchina”

Парк "Троещина"

The new park “Troeshchina” was created in October 2018. Modern benches, trash cans, energy-saving LED lighting, navigation signs and an irrigation system were installed here. The area has been landscaped. Walking and cycling paths were installed in the recreation area, the lake was cleared and the shore was strengthened. Also in the park there was … Read more

Holy Trinity Church

Свято-Троицкий храм

In the 1990s, after the Chernobyl tragedy, the Desnyansky district of Kyiv grew rapidly, new houses were built for Pripyat residents. In a huge residential area, worship was carried out in one small wooden church in the village of Troeshchina, which was not able to accommodate all the believers and therefore it was necessary to … Read more

Banknote and Mint NBU

Лист отпечатанных двадцаток

The NBU Banknote and Mint specializes in the production of forms of securities, strict accounting documents and postal payment marks, as well as securities ordered by foreign states. The banknote factory was opened in March 1994. When printing banknotes and securities, technologies such as rainbow Oryol offset printing and Oryol (relief) printing are used. The … Read more