Darnitsky meat processing plant

The Darnytsia meat processing plant was created in 1931 as a result of the merger of a sausage and bacon factory (which was founded in 1930), a meat-slaughterhouse (founded in 1922) and a meat storage-refrigerator (founded in 1912). In 1934, a large workshop for the primary processing of livestock was completed at the plant. In the post-war years, the enterprise was radically reconstructed. In 1967, the first workshop in the USSR for the production of amino acids from livestock waste was built here.

The main products of the meat plant were: meat, sausages, semi-finished and canned meat products, edible fats, animal feed. In addition, the company produced medicines, souvenirs, and bone buttons. The meat processing plant was one of the three largest enterprises of similar specialization in the former Union. The remaining 2 leading factories operated in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The plant was able not only to fully supply almost all of Ukraine with its products, but also to actively export meat products. At its best, about 5,000 people worked here.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the main functions of the plant were slaughtering livestock and primary cutting of carcasses. There was a canning shop where they made pork and beef stew, as well as offal (heart, lungs, liver, etc.). The plant stopped producing sausages due to the inability to compete with private sausage shops, of which there were already about fifty in Kyiv and the region at that time. As of 2016, the enterprise has completely stopped its work; workshops and premises are gradually being destroyed.

Where is the Darnitsky meat processing plant located?

Orositelnaya street, 5