Exhibition of military equipment from the Second World War

On the territory of the memorial complex National Museum of the Great Patriotic War, not far from the statue Motherland, there is a rather large exhibition of military equipment, which contains unique examples of weapons of the Red Army from pre-war times to the 70s of the last century.

At the military equipment exhibition you can see single-seat, medium and heavy tanks, and the famous Katyusha rocket launcher. The name of one of the exhibits is of a humorous nature: in 1941, at the Odessa Tractor Plant, a homemade tank based on a tractor was hastily created for defense, which had the characteristic Odessa name “For Fright” or simply “NI-1”. The model of the armored train, which rises on the hill, looks no less convincing than its original, which, unfortunately, has not survived.

This is interesting!

1. The combat self-propelled launcher with the RSD-10 ballistic missile was provided to the exhibition of military equipment according to an agreement between the USSR and the USA in May 1990. The weight of the “RSD-10” is 41 tons, the length is 17 meters, and the height is 3 meters. The installation launched rockets weighing up to 35 tons, which easily covered a distance of 5,000 km. After the missile was launched, the combat vehicle could not be restored and, in fact, was a disposable launcher.

The oldest exhibit is a wedge from 1931, which could accommodate a maximum of 2 people and reach a speed of approximately 40 km/h, and a howitzer from the same year, which fired 203 mm shells weighing 100 kg at a range of 18 km. Unfortunately, these are also models, but in full size.

Where is the exhibition of military equipment from the Second World War located?

Lavrskaya street, 27