Factory “Red Excavator”

The “Red Excavator” plant (former names: JSC Filvert and Dedina, the “Red Plowman” plant) is one of the oldest machine-building plants in Kyiv, which was founded in 1898. After the collapse of the USSR, it was renamed CJSC ATEK and went bankrupt through theft – now the remains of the plant are being illegally destroyed.

In 1898, not far from the iron casting plant of the Needly and Ungerman company, a small enterprise for the production of seeders was founded. Workers of the enterprise took part in revolutionary activities and after the October Revolution actively supported Soviet power. In 1918, both enterprises were nationalized and merged into the Red Plowman plant, which began producing agricultural machines. In 1934, the plant produced the MK-1 multi-bucket mining excavator, then the MK-2. In 1935, the plant was renamed “Red Excavator”. After the start of the Great Patriotic War, due to the approach of the front line to the city, the plant was evacuated to Western Siberia, and in the fall of 1943, the restoration of the enterprise began. During 1944–1953, prisoners worked to restore the plant.

In 1943 – 1955, the plant produced multi-bucket excavators, concrete mixers, loaders, trailers and other equipment. In the first half of the 1950s, the Krasny Excavator plant began production of ET-141 drainage excavators, which were used to dig trenches for laying pottery pipes at a given angle. In 1955, he produced the first hydraulic excavator in the USSR and was later reoriented to their production. In 1957, the Krasny Excavator plant began to master the production of ETN-122, the first trench machine in the USSR, the base for which was the Belarus wheeled tractor. The model was equipped with plow working parts, which made it possible to roll the excavated soil out of the trench. In the 1980s, the main products of the plant were hydraulic excavators with bucket capacities of 0.25m³, 0.5m³ and 0.65m³.

Where is the Red Excavator plant located?

Pravdy Avenue, 83