Garden and park complex Feofania

Feofaniya is a park-monument of landscape gardening art of national significance and a garden-park complex (formerly a state reserve) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which was created on May 13, 1992. The area of the park is 150 hectares.

Since 1972, the Feofaniya tract has been a park-monument of local importance, located on the territory of the historical area of the same name in the southern part of the Goloseevsky district west of the Dnieper. On the territory of the complex there are Palladinsky ponds and a hydrological natural monument of local importance “Two water springs” (represented by two springs: St. Nicholas and St. Michael, which are located east of pond No. 2 of the Palladinsky ponds group, which is on the Palladinsky stream, which flows into the Vita stream, the Dnieper basin ).

About 90 species of trees, bushes and vines grow on the territory of Feofania Park, including 11 coniferous and 75 deciduous species. In the central part of the park, with the participation of specialists from the Grishka Botanical Garden, the landscape design of the park was developed and created. It is planned to create rose gardens, rock gardens, bosquets, labyrinths and other decorative compositions. The ponds were cleaned. In Feofania, oak trees aged 100-180 years have been preserved (there are specimens over 300 years old), maples and ash trees aged 80-120 years, linden trees aged 70-100 years, and hornbeams aged 60-80 years. 9 Red Book species of insects were registered in the park.

Where is Feofania Park?

Akademika Lebedev Street, 37
08:00 – 23:00 (entrance to the park is paid)