Glushkov Cybernetic Center

In the late 1980s, by order of the Taras Shevchenko University, construction of a modern cybernetic center began on the territory of the Research Institute of Cybernetics. According to the project, the cyber center included 3 buildings in which scientific research was to be carried out on the development of new computer and electronic elements. Each hull included 2 wings, which gives the impression of multiplying the number of hulls by 2. At the time construction was frozen, the buildings were in varying degrees of readiness; communications had already been laid in the distant ones, and ceilings were still being installed in the nearby ones. Construction work after the collapse of the USSR was carried out at a very slow pace and was finally stopped in 1993. After foreign companies (for example, Intel, AMD, Nvidia and many others) completely occupied the niche of development and production of computer components, there was no longer any talk of continuing the construction of such institutions in Ukraine.

But it was in the laboratory of the Glushkov Institute (Soviet mathematician and cyberneticist, author of over 700 scientific papers) in 1950, during its stay as part of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, under the leadership of Academician Lebedev, that the first small electronic computer “MESM” was created in the USSR and continental Europe “! In 1987, the first supercomputer in the USSR with a macro-conveyor organization of calculations, the ES-1766, which at that time had no analogues in the world, was put into serial production. But even in our time, the Glushkov Institute has declared itself – in 2004-2008 it created a family of supercomputers for information technology (SKIT), highly efficient computing cluster systems on a modern element base.

Where is Glushkov’s cybernetic center located?

Academician Glushkov Avenue, 40