Karl Schulz Brewery

The creation of the brewery is associated with the name of the German entrepreneur Karl Heinrich Schulz, who financed the construction of breweries in Kyiv, which in 1886 were united under the name “Karl Schultz Brewery”. The year of foundation of Brewery No. 1 itself is considered to be 1881. However, the roots of this enterprise reach back to more ancient times. In archival documents it was discovered that a brewery existed here already in 1823, and probably could have appeared even earlier – in 1811.

The Schultzes owned the brewery since 1865, when Johann-Heinrich Schulz, Karl-Heinrich’s father, rented the plant and, having substantially refurbished it, put it into operation on August 1, 1866. Karl-Heinrich Schultz remained the owner of the brewery until December 1914, when the enterprise was sequestered – since Schultz was a German, then all Germans were prohibited from using their property due to the war. In June 1915, the plant was taken over by the Swiss citizen Würgler and the tradesman Romanenkov. Then the brewery was led by the head of the refinery sugar plant, Zhurik, after which the brewery came under the control of the Kiev-Podolsk Department of Agriculture and State Property.

With the advent of Soviet power, the enterprise was nationalized and received the “numbered” name “Kiev Brewery No. 1” (during the same period, the name “Kiev Brewery No. 2” was given to the brewery in Podol, and the enterprise built in 1980 became “Kyiv Brewery No. 3” , now known as “Obolon”). Schultz’s brewery was the only brewery in the city that operated continuously even during the German occupation. In Soviet times, it was Kiev Brewery No. 1 that supplied beer to the top leadership of the Ukrainian SSR and the USSR.

After the collapse of the USSR, all breweries in Kyiv were transferred to a leased form of ownership, and “Kiev Brewery No. 1” became part of the Obolon enterprise. In 1993, the Schultz brewery was privatized with the creation of a joint stock company, and in 2000 it became owned by the Sarmat company. In 2003, the owners of the brewery decided to stop production and sell the enterprise, while the main value of this asset was recognized as the land plot occupied by the brewery with an area of 3.5 hectares. The last brewing took place on September 27, 2003. It was never possible to find a buyer, and in 2007, ownership of the brewery was transferred to the Esta Holding company, whose specialization is real estate transactions and the implementation of construction projects. The inglorious end to the long history of the famous “Kyiv Brewery No. 1” was the decision of the Kyiv Economic Court, which declared the enterprise bankrupt on October 12, 2009.

Where is the Karl Schulz beer factory (“Kiev Brewery No. 1”)?

Goloseevsky Prospekt, 8