Kyiv Armored Plant

The Kiev Armored Plant is better known for its parking lot of used military equipment, which is popularly called a tank cemetery (although there are not only tanks there). Multi-ton armored vehicles are transported from place to place and stacked on top of each other here by a special crane moving on rails. Many tanks – T-70, T-72, T-64B – are by no means rusty “former warriors”, but quite functional military equipment. Even through a fence with barbed wire, you can see models with active protection (this is a system that, when it detects anti-tank ammunition approaching a tank, creates electrical interference that destroys or at least greatly weakens the effect of the attacking ammunition). So it’s quite normal that the tank cemetery has serious security in the form of soldiers armed with machine guns. They do not allow those who climbed over the low fence to walk around the territory, and sometimes they detain to clarify the circumstances of those who simply decided to film equipment from the side, even behind the fence. By the way, testing of repaired or overhauled tanks is carried out in the local forests – very close you can see the “tank road”, which goes into the wilds of the forest, where they test military equipment before selling it or sending it to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Among the enterprises for the repair of armored vehicles in Ukraine, the Kiev armored plant is the most powerful, and production workshops and areas are equipped with high-performance equipment in accordance with production technology. The state enterprise carries out major repairs and modernization of T-55, T-62, T-72 tanks, self-propelled chassis of the Akatsiya, Tyulpan, Geocint artillery systems, self-propelled chassis of the Krug missile systems, tracked mini minelayers. GMZ”, wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-70, BTR-80 and vehicles based on them, tank engines of all brands.

The production of spare parts for the repair of armored vehicles at customer factories has also been established. Caterpillar tracks with a rubber joint, parts and assemblies of the chassis, water, oil and fuel systems, dynamic protection kits, electrical and hydraulic installation kits, electrical equipment and others are mass-produced. A great achievement is the preparation in a short period of time for the production and release of samples of armored personnel carriers BTR-3U, BTR-3E1, BTR-DA with new engines of domestic and foreign production, automatic transmission and combat modules.

Where is the Kiev armored plant (tank cemetery)?

Boryspilskaya street, 34A