Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater

Among other theaters in the city, the Kiev Academic Drama and Comedy Theater occupies a special place. The theater, which arose in the wake of democratic changes in society in the late 1970s, is now very famous and popular among audiences, and respected among critics. The first meeting of the theater troupe took place in September 1978, and the first premiere took place on April 21, 1979 in the premises of the Republican Puppet Theater. The founder and permanent director of the theater is People’s Artist of Ukraine Eduard Markovich Mitnitsky (as of 2018). At the origins of the theater’s creation was also the famous Soviet actor, Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR Pavel Morozenko, who came at the invitation of Mitnitsky from Rostov-on-Don, at that time having brilliantly worked for 4 theatrical seasons at the Rostov Drama Theater. M. Gorky. Pavel Semyonovich, as already a mature actor with a name, made a great creative and social contribution to the formation of the young team of the drama and comedy theater. He worked in the theater troupe until 1982.

For many years the theater did not have its own premises. Performances were staged in all theaters and almost all palaces of culture in Kyiv, including the Ukraine Palace and the October Palace. In May 1982, the city government transferred the building of the Cosmos cinema on the Left Bank massif to the young theater. On December 21, 1990, with the performance “I am always your bride” by O. Ioseliani, the official opening of the premises of the Drama and Comedy Theater on the left bank took place.

The theater took part in various international theater festivals: the International Festival of the CIS and Baltic countries “Baltic House” in St. Petersburg, “White Vezha” in Brest, “Playing Gogol” in Poltava, festivals of Russian classics in Gomel, Togliatti, Bryansk, International Festival “Chersonese Games” in Sevastopol, the International Festival “Golden Lion” in Lviv, the “Good Theater” festival in Energodar, “September Gems” in Kirovograd, “Season Premieres” in Ivano-Frankivsk and others, as well as days of Ukrainian culture abroad. During the existence of the “Kiev Pectoral” award, the theater received 15 awards in almost all its nominations.

Where is the Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater?

Brovarsky Avenue 25
(044) 517-41-04