Mikhail Grushevsky Museum

The cozy estate on Pankovskaya, just like a hundred years ago, will charm everyone who visits the Mikhail Grushevsky Historical and Memorial Museum. Since 1908, since it was acquired by the Grushevskys, it has become a real center and symbol of Ukrainianness in Kyiv. The history of this estate is directly related to decades of life and work of the outstanding Ukrainian historian and the glorious Grushevsky family. Happy everyday life and tragic pages of this corner of Kyiv have become an integral part of the museum’s contents since 1992. Mikhail Grushevsky climbed the stairs of his house on Pankovskaya Street, 9 hundreds of times. In the fifteenth year of its activity (1992-2006), the scientists of the Mikhail Grushevsky Historical and Memorial Museum climbed their museum Olympus – the opening of the exhibition. And now visitors to the museum of the great Ukrainian figure climb this authentic staircase every day. “I testify to my great respect to the people who returned Mikhail Sergeevich to their home, to Kyiv! Grateful and touched! Sincerely!” – these words were left in the book of honored guests by the first visitor to the museum, President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. Grushevsky “returned” to his own house, and the building on Pankovskaya, 9 returned to the status of a true national-cultural center, which he received at the beginning of the 20th century.

The museum workers started back when the museum’s collection consisted of one unique exhibit – the Grushevskys’ house. It remains so unique even now, but it has been filled with an equally valuable collection of museum items, which already numbers about 7,000 items: memorial furniture, household items, books from the home library, family photographs, works of art from the Grushevsky family house. This made it possible to recreate the interiors of the apartment of the outstanding scientist exclusively with memorial objects. The museum has received well-deserved authority among its demanding colleagues: the mini-exhibition “Mikhail and Ekaterina Grushevsky: dialogue” was awarded the first prize of the I All-Ukrainian Museum Festival in Dnepropetrovsk (2005), the exhibition project “Clock from the office of Mikhail Grushevsky: secrets and discoveries” received the third prize at the III All-Ukrainian Museum Festival (2011).

The following topics are covered in four exhibition halls:
– Pedigree of Mikhail Grushevsky,
– Gymnasium and university studios,
– Mikhail Grushevsky – professor of the first department of history of Ukraine on Ukrainian lands,
– Project “History of Ukraine-Rus”,
– Scientific Society named after Shevchenko in Lviv and Ukrainian Scientific Society in Kyiv under the leadership of Mikhail Grushevsky,
– Historical school of Mikhail Grushevsky,
– Socio-political and journalistic activities,
– Mikhail Grushevsky at the head of the new Ukrainian parliament,
– In exile,
– VUAN-ov period,
– “Honorable” expulsion.
The historical section of the exhibition ends with a library hall, where, first of all, the library of the Ukrainian Historical Society is presented.

Where is the Mikhail Grushevsky Museum?

Pankovskaya street, 9
Tue-Sun: 10:00-18:00, Mon and last Fri of the month: closed
(044) 288-28-07