Millennium Theater

Kiev Theater “Millennium” – founded in 2013, since 2015 it has been successfully touring Ukraine. Over 5 years he has produced more than 25 diverse productions. This is a project nurtured by genuine love for their work, in which graduates of the best theater universities are employed. Their constant goal is to make theater more accessible and closer to everyone. That is why they put their soul into every performance and carefully select artists. The repertoire offers original productions for both the experienced theatergoer and the viewer who is just beginning to get acquainted with the magic of the stage. Also frequent visitors to the performances are children, who are constantly delighted with original and spectacular scientific and entertainment shows.

In parallel with active stage activities, there is a studio in which teachers train various age groups of students. In addition to the guaranteed development of creative abilities, children who study here have a unique opportunity to perform at leading concert venues in Kyiv along with the adult cast. This opportunity is realized in the plays “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cinderella. The Strong Can Believe”, “Forever with Me” and others.

The chamber stage of the theater is open to independent young theater groups; in July 2018, the “Experimental Stage” project was launched, in which amateurs can try themselves on stage together with professional actors. The first such performance was the investigative drama Anna Karenina. Tickets to the Millennium (taste how it sounds!) are a guaranteed adventure, after which you will not remain the same, it is an excellent gift for loved ones, a source of indescribable impressions and an option for a pleasant and rewarding vacation.

Where is the Millennium Theater?

Elizabeth Chavdar Street, 1/99 (office)
Petra Grigorenko Avenue, 26 (chamber stage)
067 537-38-47