Museum of Popular Science and Technology “Experimentanium”

“Experimentanium” is an educational and entertainment center for children and adults, which is located on an area of 1,400 square meters and has in its arsenal 250 exhibits that are not hidden behind shop windows. With these interactive exhibits, all visitors here turn into real explorers: they build bridges with their own hands without a single nail, watch the birth of a tornado, create lightning, make a magnet fly, and even look into infinity!

Do you want to test the electrical conductivity of various objects, launch a cloud right up to the ceiling, or draw an intricate pattern using a pendulum? Maybe you dream of sitting behind the wheel of a real fire truck and “disassembling” a model of a person “for spare parts”? Just reach out to turn on, turn, spin, press, pull, push and see with your own eyes how the physical law that was discussed in school lessons works.

The permanent exhibition of the Experimentanium museum is dedicated to the branches of physics: mechanics, optics, electricity, magnetism and acoustics. There is a separate anatomical department and a “Secrets of Water” department. And recently the direction “New Technologies” appeared. Also in the museum you will find many different optical illusions, puzzles, laser and mirror mazes.

Each interactive exhibit is accompanied by an information plaque that explains how the exhibit works and what phenomenon it demonstrates. Therefore, you can safely travel the world of science on your own. But if something is not clear, you can call a guide for help. In addition to excursions, guides organize spectacular educational and entertainment shows that will not leave either children or adults indifferent.

For schoolchildren, Experimentanium conducts thematic school excursions that deepen knowledge in a particular scientific field. Together with teachers, integrated lessons are conducted in various subjects, laboratory work in accordance with the curriculum, and clubs in chemistry and physics. In addition to all this, the museum organizes children’s birthday parties. The holiday takes place in the form of an exciting quest according to an original scenario.

For those who want to continue experimenting at home, the Experimentanium Museum has a toy and interesting gift shop where you can buy sets for experiments and creativity, logic riddles and board games, construction sets and puzzles, puzzles and encyclopedias for children of all ages. And if you get hungry during the excursion, there is a cozy cafe on site where you can have a quick and tasty snack.

Where is the Experimentanium Museum of Popular Science and Technology?

Stepan Bandera Avenue, 6
(044) 383-73-54
Tue-Fri: 09:30 – 19:00
Sat-Sun, holidays: 10:00 – 20:00