Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora, which was founded in 1999, tells about the life and work of famous Ukrainians (painters, sculptors, writers, choreographers) who were born and studied mainly in Kiev, but then for various reasons were forced to leave their homeland. In the first hall, visitors can learn about one of the oldest districts of Kyiv – Pechersk, the history of the founding of Moskovskaya Street and the ancient estate in which the museum is located. In the following rooms, they will get acquainted with the work of diaspora artists, in particular, with the paintings of the Ukrainian American Lyudmila Morozova, a student of Fyodor Krichevsky, one of the founders of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, and with the paintings of Alexei Bulavitsky, an artist who emigrated to America during the Great Patriotic War.

A separate hall of the museum is dedicated to the work of the famous Ukrainian artistic family Krichevsky, whose representatives were scattered by fate to different parts of the world (USA, Venezuela, France). Here you can see paintings by Vasily Grigorievich, his sons – Vasily Vasilyevich and Nikolai Vasilyevich, as well as his granddaughter Ekaterina Krichevskaya-Rosandich, who now lives in the USA. The Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora also presents the work of Ukrainian emigrant writers. In particular, here you can get acquainted with the literary works of Vlas Samchuk (emigrated to Canada), Anna Cherin (left for the USA), Alexey Khai-Golovka (emigrated to Canada), Evdokia Gumennaya (left for the USA) and many others. The museum also has a memorial hall dedicated to the work of the famous Ukrainian and French choreographer Serge Lifar – here you will see many rare photographs (in particular, visitors will be interested in a joint photo of Serge Lifar and Charles de Gaulle) and documents that tell about the artist’s life in Kyiv and his foreign life activities. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum periodically hosts exhibitions and cultural and artistic events.

Where is the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora?

Moskovskaya street, 40B
10:00 – 18:00, closed: Mon and last Thursday of the month
(044) 280-64-18