Spaso-Preobrazhensky Church

The Transfiguration Church is located in Ostrovsky Park. Next to the square there is a city cemetery, where there used to be a church in honor of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which was destroyed in the 1930s by decree of the Soviet government. In 1998, the city government gave permission to build a church in the park and on April 26 of the same year, St. Thomas Week, the first service was held at the site of the construction of the Transfiguration Church. In June, construction began on the Transfiguration Chapel. After the chapel was built, it became clear that it would not be able to accommodate all the believers, so at the same time documents were being prepared for the construction of a large temple.

In March 2002, the viceroy of Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra Archbishop Pavel of Vyshgorod performed the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the Transfiguration Church, after when construction began. On April 30, 2005, His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir consecrated the church crosses. On November 10, 2007, the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church performed the rite of consecration of the throne of the Transfiguration Church and thus the construction could be considered completely completed. One of the active benefactors of the temple was the family of the People’s Artist of Ukraine Sofia Rotaru – the bells and the throne were purchased with their funds. The following shrines are located in the Transfiguration Church: Ark with particles of the relics of the Great Martyr. Panteleimon, prmts. Elizabeth, Rev. Anthony the Great, Anthony of Radonezh and Herman of Solovetsky. Icons with particles of the relics of St. Theodore of Sanaxar and rights. Feodora Ushakova.

Where is the Transfiguration Church?

Vozdukhoflotsky Avenue, 29
(044) 248-97-28